Sometimes I engage in sarcasm. It may not be my best trait but, in all honesty, I just can’t help it.


I found a blog with a long list of tips to help live a frugal life. There’s nothing new under the sun, so there really wasn’t anything that most of us aren’t doing already. What struck me about the list was the inclusion of things that made me say: “Well, duh.” For example, one of the tips was to shop for things when they are on sale. Do we really have to be told that?

One suggestion was to turn your car off while waiting at a stop light. What could go wrong there? According to an article at Car and Driver, you will only save if it is a long stop and not the typical short period at a stop light. Also, the wear and tear may outweigh any of the savings of this practice. Let’s not even contemplate the scenario if the car doesn’t start again. Let the honking begin.

Another tip had me shaking my head and that was to use candles to warm up a room. Really? How many would you need in a room to actually change the temperature? Let’s not even consider the hazards that are associated with open flames. Don’t get me wrong. I like candles, but I think that their main purpose is ambiance. If this interests you, there is a way. Over at Lifehacker there is a tutorial that shows how to use candles and terra cotta pots to create a mini space heater. These tiny details were left out of the original frugal hint. I guess it wasn’t deemed important.

Other ideas offended different sensibilities. I bristle at the suggestions that border on unethical, such as replacing a meal with the free samples at the warehouse or grocery store. How many samples would you be comfortable in taking? Do you take the kids? If there is a large variety of samples that day, maybe you could call it lunch.I usually pass them by but, if I decide to try something, one is the limit. I just know that if I take more than one, a booming voice will come over the loud speaker, “LIMIT ONE ON FREE SAMPLES.”



Author: Sue Kerry

Just a gal from Texas

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