The Boomer Generation: Not Gone Yet

The media is abuzz over the Millenial generation now exceeding Baby Boomers in number. My question to all of these reporters who wrote these stories with such obvious glee, so what? Are they hoping for a larger, left-leaning voting bloc? The Millenials would offer that to them. Millenials support socialism, fear climate change and want more government action in that area, but they don’t vote in the numbers needed to significantly change any of those things.

The trend in political current political discussion is to blame the Baby Boom generation for everything from the climate to the economy. It’s all our fault. If they think that they will guilt me into not voting, sorry. I’m not dead and the stakes are too high to give up now. As a generation, we have to be diligent in protecting what we have worked so long to achieve.

Yet, when politicians truly want votes, who do they address?  squirrels

The statistics from recent elections show that less than 50% of Millenials vote. Compare that with over 70% of Boomers. If you were in charge of the candidate’s advertising budget, how much would you spend on the two generations? I guess it would depend on the personal agenda of the candidate. Afterall, “global warming” has the potential to make a select den of thieves very rich. Millenials are fearful of change in the climate, no matter how often the information out there is found questionable, and they look to the government for solutions. We saw how the EPA solved environmental problems when someone turned a river in Colorado a unique color.

According to surveys done by Pew research, the Millenial generation favors socialism over capitalism. The supposedly well-educated are espousing the virtues of socialism while staring at their completely capitalist-produced cell phone. According to a study done in 2012, 59% of Baby Boomers were supporting their adult children. It’s easy to support socialism when someone else is paying for it.

“In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”
-Ronald Reagan-

I would tell Millenials to be careful what you wish for. A federal government controlling even more of the US economy and our lives isn’t a good thing.

Boomers shouldn’t lose hope. We shouldn’t fear that we will be forced out onto the ice to wait for death. This generation needs to remember that we are still a force that the political class and advertisers, too, will still heed.


Thoughts on the 7th of July

Ft. Logan

I visited my father recently. It doesn’t take much to remind me how proud I am to be an Army brat. There was a lump in my throat, not only for my father, but for all the veterans buried in this National Cemetery. (I’ve done my best to blur the names. Who is buried there is not the point.)

One of the regrets I have in life is not serving. I should have. I didn’t. What I am, though, is a relentless advocate for this country. I tire easily when someone can only complain about what is wrong and has little to say about what is right with this great country. I was patriotic before it was cool.

I haven’t always had the 4th off but, of course, that wasn’t the case this year. We celebrated Independence day at our community fireworks show. It was an uplifting event and I appreciated the patriotism that the event organizers included in the program.

In case you were unable to attend a fireworks show on Independence day:


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